There are so many challenges with this project. Some are mentioned below to put this project into context.

  • The owner(s) live(s) in the UK and works full time. Every visit effectively takes 2 days of travel just to arrive and get home again.
  • Every visit requires booking time off work and careful planning in advance.
  • There is often no-one at the property to receive deliveries and physical mail.
  • Post-Brexit, UK nationals only have 90 days (maximum) within the EU before returning to the UK for at least 90 days.
  • Every trip has a cost in the region of 500 EUR (minimum) just for the travel, food and essentials.
  • The property does not have a ‘switched on’ electrical supply, limiting available lighting and power for the works.
  • The garden became seriously overgrown and out of control after Brexit and the subsequent pandemic and travel restrictions.
  • The property has a water supply (plus mains drainage) but this was disconnected by request due to infrequent visits.
  • Many of the tools and equipment used at the property were returned to the UK for safe keeping, but were stolen.
  • Water damage from leaks in the roof destroyed some of the tools and equipment left at the property.
  • The barn suffered from collapse of the roof structure at one end due to exceptional weather.
  • The building adjacent to the public highway and footpath is crumbling and at risk of loose stones falling near/onto passers by.
  • The stone external walls are around 500mm thick but are held together in places with little more than sand/mud.
  • The minimum architectural fee to start the process of getting planning consent is around 20,000 EUR without any guarantee of success.
  • There has been only one pair of hands working on the property so far and many more are needed.
  • Scaffolding is needed to access the full wall height for repairs, which costs around 15,000 EUR.
  • Some of the timbers supporting the remaining roof structure are rotting and dislodging, putting the remaining roof structure at risk of collapse.
  • The rear stone wall has had a partial collapse since before the barn was purchased and needs major rebuilding.
  • The barn gets covered by fast growing ivy and elder bushes that damage the walls quicker than they are cleared.
  • Garden waste cannot be burned at the property due to fire-risk, and must be removed to the local waste site approx 12km away.
  • There is no phone line or WiFi available at the property, yet.
  • Occasional recurring health concerns.
  • After the partial roof collapse large heavy timbers are blocking access within the building and need heavy machinery to move.

The list is almost endless but there are many positives too, which make this project and beautiful stone barn a very special one.

Join us on this adventure and please consider supporting us in any way you’re able to.

Contact us here with words of encouragement or simply to say hi. We’d love to hear from you and have your company on this special journey.

French Barn Restoration March 2024 Let's Get Cracking

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