A little of the story so far…

This beautiful 300 ish yr old granite stone walled barn was purchased by the current owner(s) in 2004, long before it was a popular thing to do.

Back then, it clearly had serious structural problems but it also had great potential!

This beautiful traditional barn sits on a level plot of approx 2,000 sq mtrs on one side of a shared courtyard, adjacent to the main road through the village, with residential neighbours, very close to the local shops, doctor’s surgery, church. market square, chateau, graveyard, retired persons home and more!

The barn is a protected building as it has local historical significance. It was originally built as a cattle and stable block with a hayloft for the local village chateau. It also has some distinctive and unusual architectural features (for a barn of the same period) including the bulls-eye windows and an imposing frontage with 5 stone arches.

The barn is approx. 29m long x 9m wide, and 6m high to the eaves, plus another 6m approx. to the ridge-line.

Working from left to right, the five arches provide access as follows:

1 – A large arched door opening leading to the cattle shed.

2 – A very large archway door leading to a fully open space suitable for large agricultural machinery providing access to the hay loft on either side.

3 – A large arched door opening similar to 1 above, leading to a separate store.

4 – A large arched door opening providing access to the stables, with separate enclosures for three horses.

5 – A very large arched opening without a door, suitable for parking/storing large agricultural machinery.

Above the stores is a hay loft in two parts, split either side of the second archway.

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