No doubt you’d like to know more about the plans for this beautiful building after all this work is complete.

At this early stage noting is set in stone regarding the use of the building and the site, other than to provide residential accommodation. This would likely be in the form of short-term holiday/vacation rental space.

The early plans for the property include 6 separate but connected 2/3 bed self-contained units, with shared space for cooking and eating, i.e. a large open plan multi-purpose hall to accommodate approx. 20 adults plus children. This could also be used as a private events/cinema space.

It was also intended to construct a swimming pool, below the shared hall space, partly internal and partly external with removable/folding glazed doors and roof.

The garden would provide enough space for garden socialising, a vegetable garden for home-grown fresh fruit and vegetables, a children’s play area and a sensory garden.

Alternatively this building may be suitable as an events space, or some form of local attraction e.g. children’s games/play areas, which are otherwise not available locally.

As a last resort the property could become an impressive single private residence, which feels like a wasted opportunity to benefit the local community and attract visitors and guests to the local area.

Which option would you choose?

  1. Multi-unit holiday rental accommodation for approx 20 adults plus children.
  2. Events space or community interest facility.
  3. Single private residence

The building’s footprint is approx. 260 sq mtrs and the barn could accommodate 3 floor levels. In old money (or commercial property speak), this equates to around 7,650 sq ft of prime space plus grounds of around 2,000 sq mtrs in a stunning rural village setting, with incredible natural beauty and surroundings.

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