Sponsor A French Garden!

This is an initiative that allows you to Sponsor a piece of this French garden.


This gives you a buy-in and personal attachment to the project and what’s going on over a period of time, and of course, helping this project progress by contributing funds.

The other less obvious advantage for the owner(s) is that this helps to focus on what and where to work in the garden, instead of attempting to transform the entire garden as one.

How Much Is Garden Sponsorship?

The beauty of this initiative is that there is no fixed set price! Instead we encourage everyone to Sponsor at a level which suits them and their own personal interest in the project and financial circumstances.

As a guide, it may be reasonable to Sponsor £100 (or EUR!) per sq mtr of garden for a fixed 12 month period, say equivalent to £10 (or EUR) per month, with 2 months extra free, perhaps for when the seasons and weather prevents much activity.

Your £10 (or EUR) per month could cover the cost of transforming the Sponsored garden space month by month at the same time as helping a little towards the main French Barn Restoration project.

So What Does A Sponsor Get In Exchange?

All Sponsors get the following:

Choose which patch you’d like to Sponsor, according to size and use i.e. veg patch, pathways, flowers, rest area etc.

Direct access to contact the owner(s) via Sponsor’s only email and receive personalised replies.

Influence the garden transformation and design for the Sponsored patch.

Offer gardening advice, tips, suggestions and generally help ‘remotely manage’ their patch, if they wish.

Visits to the property as often as they like to enjoy their Sponsored patch and the entire garden.

Option to tend to their Sponsored garden patch, if they wish to get hands-on.

Credit may be given to Sponsors online, via this website and social media and/or by other means in recognition of their support, unless opting to remain anonymous at the outset.

Private Sponsored garden updates will be issued regularly throughout the Sponsored period.

French Barn Restoration project updates may also be issued to Sponsors, unless opted out.

Quite literally, changing the world (at least a patch of it!)

A truly unique and worthwhile cause.

Sponsorships may also be gifted to others!

How Long Does Sponsorship Last?

Each Sponsorship lasts for a fixed period. This would typically be for 12 months at a time, but can be more or less by prior agreement.

Then What Happens?

After the Sponsorship period, the Sponsor may choose to renew Sponsorship of the same or a different patch, or they may decide to release their patch for future Sponsors and Sponsorships.

There is no obligation or long-term commitment for the Sponsor unless they choose to carry on supporting this French Barn Restoration project.

How Do I Sponsor?

Great question. It’s a very simple process. Click here to send a message requesting details and we’ll respond to that.

There are 3 steps, thats all.

  • You request to become a Sponsor
  • We’ll set this up with you after agreeing what, where, amount etc.
  • We’ll provide payment options and details for Sponsorship payment to be sent.

Once received, we’ll allocate your patch to you and make a start on the garden transformation!

Please Note: Sponsorship requires payment for the entire period as one single transaction in advance. Sponsorship by instalments is not permitted. No refunds can be given for Sponsorships under any circumstances. Sponsorship arrangements may be cancelled during the fixed term by either party. Sponsorship periods may be extended by agreement before expiry but never reduced other than by cancellation. Access for visits must be by prior agreement and subject to any terms and conditions imposed by the owner(s), bearing in mind that a major construction project may also be under way concurrently. Sponsors may remain anonymous by request in advance. All Sponsorship payments received are considered as voluntary gifts to the owner(s) without purchase of any goods or services.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you transform a part of France, from wherever you are in the world!

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